The blog is a place to muse on the role of CTO as we see it.  It will include articles on the nature of that role, some of the challenges of running the technical side of companies especially in the startup space and specifics on technical challenges.

The nature of the CTO is really not well understood and though many people write on the topic, this blog will lend another voice to the conversation.  The role itself and the keys to being successful are elusive.  It encompasses everything from being a C-Level executive down to technology choices key to a company’s success. is a CTO consulting company aimed at startups and established companies in the technical space. We have years of experience across a wide and eclectic set of industries.  Exposure to so many types of companies at varying stages of their existence informs our perspective on how to solve the problems that a CTO encounters each and every day.

Currently Vice President of Technology at Verifi a Visa company. Michael has been involved in the Los Angeles technical community since leaving UCLA graduate school in Computer Science. He has started 3 companies including WebEasy, Storitz and ParqCity and has consulted on many others. He has worked in industries as diverse as Banking, Insurance, Internet, High Frequency trading and Telecommunications. When not twiddling bits, Michael enjoys music, baking and running.

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