Converting an Application from MySQL to Oracle in Grails

You can probably file this one under “weird article that will someday help a poor soul stuck in my position”.  So I had written a nice little data processing system that worked on roughly a million records to do some fuzzy matching within a discrete problem space.  I had used GORM objects with Hibernate 4 and MySQL 5.x.  The domain objects were relatively standard with a handful of collections, but they had some nice logic for hashcode() and equals() that

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MySQL encrypted columns in Grails

If all you want to do is encrypt and decrypt columns in a database for your Grails application, look no further than the Jasypt Encryption plugin.  I have used it in the past to persist PII (personally identifiable information).  However, if you need to access the same data from outside your application, then you need to leverage the built in database encryption functions.  This allows the DBAs to use the built in functions and secret to access data for reports

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Why I use Grails

A lot of CTOs and technical people get asked what they use for their personal projects.  So to be completely honest, I use Groovy/Grails.  Do I think it is the best thing out there?  Maybe not, but let me explain why I use it and what I expect.  The thought process would be useful for anyone making choices about technology platforms for oneself. So I started way, way back with PDP RSTS Basic and soon moved to Apple Basic. I

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